Welcome to my little corner of the Web. I am an IT professional, in definition only, and this site is just something for me to play around with. My previous site was full of stuff (junk) but I decided to redo it it and try out a few new technical things. Please feel free to peruse and let me know if you have any insight.

My Ma-Maw always said, "God says it's not right to hate, so make a list and if He tells you it's okay you can start there."  Well, I've got a hate - I hate acronyms.  It's at the TOP of my list.

What makes my affliction even worse is that I work in the information technology sector, which goes by the handle "IT."  At least this is one everybody knows and can be used without losing someone in the conversation - "I work in IT." "Oh, you deal with computers."  Easy.

Recently I have had to take some job required on-line courses in order to fulfill my goals until my next review.  One, in particular, is called, "ITIL " and it is so chock-full of acronyms that it gives me a headache. Basically, it deals with delivering computer service; help desks, support, new releases, etc. I've been in (sorry) IT for over 20 years so I completely understand how the processes and procedures for these things work and yet it has been reduced to a list of acronyms that I can't remember well enough to pass the assement tests.  I've counted 73 acronyms that I'm supposed to remember whereas if they just spelled it out I would know what's being discussed immediately!

Whatever happened to saying what you mean and meaning what you say? LOL? Just type, "That's funny!"  Have we become so flipping busy that everything needs to be shortened in order to save us time?  Better yet, are we so important that our time is that valuable?   WTF!

Back before texting and the innerwebs caught on a friend of mine and myself used to make up silly acronyms and drop them in conversation; a long expository followed by, "SWIS" (See What I'm Saying) which would be answered with "IKWM" (I Know What You Mean).  I'll be damned if "IKWM" isn't now listed in acronym dictionaries across the internet!  PLEASE!  We were drunken youngsters and it was never supposed to get this far.

Will we soon get to the point where our everyday vernacular is filled with this crud?  What happened to the glory days where the written language was an art?  Hemingway wrote short, abrupt sentences and people thought that odd.  Ernest is rolling in his grave.

No wonder we're GTHIAHB.

God bless you and enjoy your visit.


"A man may take to drink because he feels himself to be a failure, but then fail all the more completely because he drinks."
-- George Orwell

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